From the Beginning, Progress Lighting Shines

Updated: 2/3/2022 | ©

In 1896 Harvey Hubbell was granted a patent for the socket for incandescent lamps, complete with a pull chain which revolutionized how lights were turned on and off. This meant you could have the bulb quite a distance (say, on the ceiling) and still turn it on and off. Previously, you had to use a type of a key to turn the bulb on and off, making out-of-reach lighting impossible.

old Hubbel socket ad print

A mere decade later (that’s 1906 for you English majors) Frank Rosen opened the victory Lamp Company (precursor to Progress Lighting) and specialized in producing gas mantles. Hubbell, meanwhile, continues to come up with fantastical new ideas and in 1917 invents the toggle light switch, replacing the huge, old-fashioned two button light switches.

Finally, the hero of our story, Frank Rosen founded the Progress Manufacturing Company and went to work in 1933 creating outdoor lanterns. Starting out with his new firm, Frank focused on the highest quality and quickly grew his fledgling company to be one of the strongest lighting manufacturers in the country. Hubbell’s company and Rosen’s merged together in the early 2000’s, and this marriage has produced amazing offspring…

Design inspiration, product integration and technology leadership has been at the heart of Progress Lighting’s success for more than a century… but they’re more than just a lighting manufacturer with a rich heritage. Within their walls you’ll find product and design teams that push the envelope of the latest styles and lighting technology to engineer innovative lighting solutions that are absolutely right for today’s homeowner.

sleek and modern living room with black finish ceiling fanCaisson Ceiling Fan - AVAILABLE SOON!

What we love about Progress Lighting is they place a high concentration on creating superior lighting solutions, offering high quality solutions for residential and light commercial applications that are on trend with today’s projects. They’re a brand who is focused on making luxury affordable… and it shows.

modern interior home setting with modern style pendants, ceiling fans and chandelierParkhurst Collection - AVAILABLE SOON!

On our site you’ll see a huge variety (they produce over 4,000 different products) of innovative lighting solutions by Progress Lighting – from indoor/outdoor ceiling fans to jaw-dropping chandeliers, you’re sure to find just the perfect fixture to make your room feel just right.

modern outdoor step lightsElara Collecition - AVAILABLE SOON!

Here in our humble abode at Progress Lighting Experts, we house highly trained lighting specialists who know the Progress line backwards and forwards – and we’re here to help. Thinking that a 3’ wide chandelier may be a little too big for the 5’ long powder room? Yup, we can help with that. Call us, no use being an expert in the subject if you can’t share. Call 1-866-203-5392.