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Outdoor Lighting is one of the easiest ways to increase the curb appeal of a home. Bringing light and style to the outdoors helps not only to make your house a home, but also provides additional security for your space. A well-lit home and yard is less likely to be vandalized. Outdoor lighting enhances the nature in your outdoor space.

Ceiling and Hanging lights are perfect for above a front door or porch area. They help with general illumination, and add sophisticated detail to the exterior of your home. Outdoor chandeliers are a trendy way to add style to your outdoor space. Outdoor chandeliers combine the same elegance as an indoor chandelier with a more organic style. These classic designs add exquisite detail to your porch, deck, or other outdoor space. These chandeliers look great when suspended above an outdoor eating or seating area.

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Wall Mounted Outdoor Lighting can be mounted on either side of a front, back or garage door, as well as around the exterior walls of the home. Wall lighting helps increase curb appeal and visibility from the street, and allows a home to stand out amongst neighbors.

Security Lighting is ideal for directing bright light in an open space. Directional flood lights are perfect to light up a driveway. Many security lights have motion sensors so they will turn on with movement in the area. Motion sensor lights help repel wild animals and keep intruders out.

Post lights are excellent light sources around the perimeter of a yard or to mark a driveway entrance. This classic method of outdoor lighting adds to the overall ambience of your exterior space.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans are a great outdoor lighting option that also cools off your outdoor space. These fixtures not only offer a relieving breeze, but can also illuminate your outdoor area. UL Wet rated fans can come into contact with water and are perfect for gazebos or partially covered patios. UL damp rated fans can be installed outside, but do require shelter from direct water. Damp rated fans are ideal for covered porches and patios. Outdoor ceiling fans also help keep unwanted flies and mosquitos away. In many different sizes, finishes, and styles, you’re surely to find a fan to provide refreshing relief from the sun’s hot rays.

Landscape lighting is a must for both the front and backyard. These fixtures add to your home’s overall nighttime curb appeal. Place path lights along walkways, the driveway, and around the pool to light the way. Install lights in our around pools and ponds, so they can be enjoyed even when it’s dark. Landscape lighting can also illuminate your garden at night.

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